Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Update:

Mon (PLC Day)  Started chapter 4.
Block 1:  Reviewed 4-1 and did 4-2.
Block 2:  4-3 - Definition of Congruent Figures and Triangles

Mon (PLC) - Started chapter 5 - What is a Linear Function?
Block 1 and Block 2:  What is Slope?

All classes there will be a quiz on Monday 11/8 covering this week's content.  It will be open note.  Also the "word of the day" for the quiz will be an animal that shares the same first letter as your first name.  In other words, my "word of the day" could be a Robin, or a Rhino, or a Rat.

The marking period ends on Friday.  Students wanting to retake BA's must do them by Thursday if they want a chance of me grading them before grades are due.  Please reveiw the retake rules.  Many students are still ignoring these.  I find it vexing.


  1. So there's NOT a quiz on friday for geometry, then?

  2. At this point there is no ~announced~ quiz on Friday.

    That does not rule out the possibility of a Pop Quiz on vocab. :)