Friday, November 12, 2010

Conference After Action Report: Responsiblity

After, I think, a productive evening at Parent Teacher Conferences I have a few additional thoughts to get out there for all of us, parent, student and teacher, to reflect on.

First of them is the reminder that this website and blog is intended to be a tool that serves a variety of uses.  It is a communication tool to share upcoming test and quiz dates.  It is a supplement to my classroom teaching with additional examples.  It is a means to share ideas with parents and gaurdians to help them communicate with their student not just about grades, but also about the actual "stuff" of our classes.  It is a place where students can earn extra credit by becoming participants, and contributors, and it is a place for them to ask questions and discuss.

It is not a garuntee of success, but it is another arrow in the quiver for each student. 

As such I do have the expectation that students make a habit coming to this site at a minimum of once a week.  I think this is a reasonable expectation given the general accessability our school and community offer.

And this leads to my other primary thought:  Responsibility.

Students have many opportunties to review the material in class, to get additional face time with myself, or with an NHS tutor, and to demonstrate their understanding in their own way.  This includes reworking missed problems on quizzes (which provides good study opportunity) as well as the option to retake a BA Exam after showing that they've mastered the material they had not when they took it the first time.  These are opportunities, however, that students must take the initiative to persue.

I will continue to update this blog with things I find interesting, relevant, funny, timely, and engaging.  I will continue to post problems from class to YouTube, and remind students of the online text book that they can reference for additional help and examples.  I will continue review every homework problem every day with students.  I will continue to review every quiz item with them, and provide them a place and time to ask for additional help and understanding.

And I will continue to believe that this can be a great year for all of us.

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