Monday, November 22, 2010

How to use this Blog: Reminders

Happy Monday on a short week!

Here's a quick break down on where and how to find a few things that people seem to be getting confused and confuzled on:

For Homework Assignments:
  • Check your Skyward Account.  Homework is posted as it is given.  Worksheets are usually attached.
For Grades:
  • Check your Skyward Account.  I cannot post grades here.
For discussions and additional examples:
  • Check here at the website
For Brownie Point Opportunities
  • Check here at the website
For Class Announcements which include test days, reminders, suggestions, points of clarity, and general information:
  • Check here at the website
Some students are still coming to the website, not finding their homework and then assuming that we don't have any.  All assignments are posted in Skyward.  Occassionally I'll post one here if I feel it is Very Important and I don't want any students to miss doing it.

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