Friday, November 5, 2010

Off Topic: Friday Fun in ASL

I have always been impressed and amazed by American Sign Language.  On my list of things I want to do "someday" is to learn ASL to the point of fluency.  As it was the closest I have is that last year I signed a song along side one of the seniors performing at the spring pops concert.  And this feat was only possible as the result of watching the video of the song signed over and over and over until I had it down.

So following up on Halloween, I bring you a pair of ASL videos I like:

"Re: Your Brains" is a fun song by Jonathan Coulton, an independent singer and song writer.  If you like the song, check it out on Rock Band 2 for the xBox.  It's available as downloadable content.  :)

If you're curious you can turn on the CC (press the CC button in the player) and you can see the lyrics and the ASL translation.

Also fun is this video by "AllyBally" who is a hearing student of ASL.  She regularly will perform signed songs as promotion of ASL and as part of her studies.  The song is clean though I admit that it does have some mild alcoholic references.  You'll click the x on the ads to see the lyrics here and the ASL translations.

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