Friday, November 19, 2010

Talk about Algebra: Mini Essay

I rarely post assignments to the blog but this was one I wanted to share because I think part of its power will be to create dialogue about one of the most basic tools in a student's box:  The Note Book.

Note Book Mini-Essay
Write a short essay that describes the following things:
·         Two things you do in your notes that make them useful. 
o    Examples might include things like “Good diagrams”, “I write more than what’s on the board”, “other people find them organized”.
o    Provide specific examples, such as “Last Monday (11/8) I used a highlighter to help me find the formula for slope” or “When we were studying Zelda said that my examples were really easy to read”.  You must have one example for each of your two points.
·         One thing that you will do better in your notes.
o    Be specific.  “Take better notes” does not count.
o    Consider:  “Writing down what is said as well as what is written”, “organize my notes by making more outlines”, “I will write my questions in my notes as well as asking them so I don’t ask again”.
This should be considered an Essay and not an outline.  Use complete sentences.  Use proper grammar.  They may be handwritten; typed is easier to read.  There is no minimum length; maximum is one page.

This will be due the first day of class next week (Block A for 6th hour, Block B for 3rd and 5th)

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