How do I get papers off Skyward?

Skyward is a incredibly powerful platform for managing and reporting student progress.  One of the most under untilized features, I think, is the ability to attach files directly to assignments so they can be easily downloaded.  For nearly every assignment I will be attaching the appropriate worksheet or grading rubric.

Here is a step by step explanation of how to get that file for yourself.

First you need to log into Family Access and access your student's Gradebook.  One of the lines in the grade book should look like this:

From there click on the grade shown.  This student has an A with me (for now) so you click on the blue A to see the specific assignments.  This will take us to:

Each check mark means that a file is attached to that assignment.  Also note that *'s are not zeroes but rather place holders that do not help nor hinder a student's grade.  To get to the actual file, click on a check mark and you will get the assignment review window:

And there is the file ready to be downloaded and reviewed or printed.  I will be using PDFs as my primary format so that they should be readable on all platforms.