Friday, November 5, 2010

End of the Marking Period

Here are some thoughts as the 1st Marking Period comes to a close.  It has been an exciting time, with interesting classes, fun lessons and some wonderful conversations (most of which are on topic too!)

BA Retakes can be done through the end of the Semester

Students may retake any BA all the way through January.  However they can only retake a given BA once.  One time.  It is absolutely essential that students take that re-test seriously and prepared better for the retest than they did for the original test.

Students must show their study and review notes before I schedule a retest.

I have some concerns that many students are scheduling retests without showing me any review notes and when pressed have dug up old homework to say is their "evidence".  This worries me because I fear that some aren't really putting the time in to take maximum opportunity here and are instead taking what I call the shot gun approach:  aim in the general direction and hope you hit something.

I appreciate students taking the time to stay after school or come during SRT to retake a test they did poorly on.  However, they will be turned away if they cannot show ample evidence that they learned what they needed to learn and demonstrate on the BA.  This is consistant with my posted and oft-repeated rules.

I am a last minute kind of guy

I'm not horribly proud of it.  But the reality is that if I'm told grades are due at 1200 on Monday, then at 1158 I push the post button.  It's a personal quirk I'd like to work on and get better at, but I'm currently putting "get things done more in advance" behind things like "get homework posted when it's assigned", "respond to emails within a day", and "plan lessons a day or two out."  I'm still getting those three things mastered so....

It has been fun!

Honestly.  Despite some tensions in some classes it has been a fun 10 weeks.  I'm blessed with some amazing students, some of whom even have made a habit of checking this website out.  As far as this semester goes, we're half way there... ooo oooo livin' on a prayer...

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