Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Algebra: Class Notes and Quiz Questions

I have to admit a small amount of frustration:

Tomorrow 11/18 we'll get back our quizzes in Alegbra.  These were open note quizzes, as in students could use anything in their notebooks.  We are getting them back so students will have tomorrow night to rework missed problems as part of their prep for Friday's BA test.

The quiz was announced twice before it was given on the website, once on Wednesday the prior week, and again on Friday.

Two quiz items asked students to identify if a set of data was a "Linear Function".  In class we defined this as "a collection of points with a common slope" and reviewed how to get this slope.  We did several examples in class, some of which made it onto the YouTube channel are are top of the playlist for chapter 5, or can be directly found here and here.

I am disappointed at how many students, given 3-4 class examples that should have been in their notes, given the mulitple practice problems that were assigned and reviewed the next day, given the fact that the quiz was open note, only wrote for their answer a "yes" or a "no" or just had a few words of justification.  Very very few actually showed a hint of the work that we modeled, practiced and reviewed.

Students would be well advised to take this warning seriously:  These are on the BA on Friday.  There is no partial credit for not following the equations and set up.

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