Geometry Syllabus

Course: 93070/93071 Room C101
Course Description

Grades: 9, 10, 11, and 12                                                       Credits: 1.0 Credit
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 with a C grade or higher and Teacher Recommendation
Homework: High      
This is a one-year course in geometry in the college prep sequence.  The course begins by establishing definitions and familiarizing students with the language of geometry.  Postulates and theorems are introduced and students learn to write formal proofs.  Included in the course are triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, areas of plane figures, areas and volumes of solid figures, and coordinate geometry.


Benchmark Assessments:  There will be a total of 12 benchmark assessments throughout the year.  At the end of each chapter, the student will be evaluated on their comprehension and mastery of that chapter.  Benchmark assessments are designed by the district to evaluate student learning.  Benchmark Assessments are worth 50% of your marking period grade.

Quizzes/Tests – Quizzes/Tests account for 40% of the marking period grade.  These are formal assessments administered prior to each Benchmark Unit Assessment.  Vocabulary quizzes will be administered under this category for improvement in mathematics literacy and standardized test preparation.  Students absent from a quiz will only be able to make them up during SRT time or on Thursdays with an odd date after school (eg. 13 Sept or 27 Sept).  Quizzes may be “redone” for half of the missing credit (ie, a 70% can be raised to an 85% if all mistakes are corrected).
Homework/Classwork/Participation – Homework will be checked daily.  Students are expected to complete the homework that is assigned in order to learn the material and, consequently, do well in the class.  Homework will account for 10% of the marking period grade.  Homework is graded on a level of completion, though it may also be checked, on occasion, for correctness.  Per school policies, students not completing homework assignments in a timely fashion will be referred to our W.I.N. program for afterschool mandatory homework time.

Semester Grade – Each marking period holds a weight of 40% (resulting in 80% of the Semester grade).  The remaining 20% of your semester grade comes from a comprehensive final exam. 

MP 1 – 40%                            MP 3 – 40%                          
MP 2 – 40%                            MP 4 – 40%
Final Exam – 20%                  Final Exam – 20%

The District grading scale is as follows:
A+    à     100       B+ à 88 to 89     C+à  78 to 79    D+ à   68 to 69       
A      à   92 to 99   B  à 82 to 87     C  à  72 to 77    D    à  62 to 67
A-     à  90 to 91   B-  à  80 to 81    C- à  70 to 71    D-  à   60 to 61
                                                                                       E    à   0 to 59
Online Textbook/Online Skyward:  Students and parents can access the geometry book and additional resources online by going to  The students will receive a username and password from his/her teacher in the near future.  Some of the online resources available include: the entire textbook, additional worksheets, practice tests and quizzes, homework help with instructional videos, outline of key terms and other notes, multilingual glossary, video tutorials for each section, and graphing and scientific calculators.  Parents can now log into Skyward and access their student’s classes to see how they are progressing.  Parents will be given their login on Sneak Peak Night.

It is important to note that Mr. Osterman will be using a blog ( to post class assignments and will be attaching most worksheets as attachments in skyward.  Please uses these resources wisely.

Units Covered: 

Unit 1:  Foundations for Geometry                    
Unit 2: Geometric Reasoning                           
Unit 3: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines             
Unit 4: Triangle Congruence                            
Unit 5:  Properties and Attributes of Triangles    
Unit 6:  Polygons and Quadrilaterals                  
Unit 7: Similarity
Unit 8: Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Unit 9: Extending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area
Unit 10: Spatial Reasoning
Unit 11: Circles
Unit 12: Extending Transformational Geometry

Classroom Standards:  You are expected to show:

1) Respect.  To all students – both personal and academic respect for each student’s right to learn in a beneficial environment.
2) Effort.  Anything that is worth anything at all takes effort, determination, and drive.
3) Good Attitude.  A good attitude can persevere through anything.
4) Preparation.  Be prepared when you walk into the class.  Make sure that you have all the materials that you need; most importantly, your mind.

Required Materials[1]:  You must show up to class everyday with the following:

1) Notebook.  A 3-ring binder is best as homework will be regularly turned in.
2) Pencil or pen.
3) A calculator capable of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Square Roots (aka “5-function calculator”).  A graphing or scientific calculator would be preferred as we will be working with sine and cosine and students with those calculators will have an easier time of it.

Tutoring:  Tutoring is available after school and during lunch.  Those students who are struggling as shown by regular effort but consistent low grades on assessments may be asked to attend regular tutoring sessions.  Students are expected to keep to their arranged times.

[1] If you have difficulty providing any of these materials please contact me.