Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Week on Car Talk

This weekend on NPR's Car Talk they had a math puzzler.  Here's a short retelling of the puzzle:

In a particulcar club you can get a free drink if you know the code.  The waitress gives you a number and if you give the right number back, you get a free coke.  Here's what you observe:

She says 6.  Someone says 3 and gets a free drink.
She says 12.  Someone says 6 and gets a free drink.
She says 14.  Someone says 8 (not 7) and gets a free drink.
She says 22.  What do you say to gedt a free coke?


  1. Ok so I juust sat here for like 6 minutes but I THINK I figured it out. 6- there are 3 letters in 6. 12- there are 6 letters in 12. 14- there are 8 letters in 14. So 22 would be 9 (:

  2. I bet that's it! Now off to with you! I believe you can't submit your answer until they officially post it tomorrow but I would totally get it in there and see if you win something!