Thursday, December 16, 2010

Algebra Review One Stop

Below the cut are a series of vidoes that hit the following topics from the study guide.  They are ~not~ the study guide problems but rather ones we did when we covered those topics in class.  To see the vidoes, click on the "read more" below:

Finding the Inverse Function:

See more:

Piecewise Functions:

Point Slope Form

Parallel and Perpendicular



  1. Hey Mr Osterman, what are the formulas that we have to memorize, or better yet, use tomarow for the BA, and for what equations?

  2. The formulas are too numerous to list here which is why we spent 30 min in class going over them all. If you only memorize a few of them I would focus on the Slope-Intercept form (Y = mx+b) and on Point Slope Form which is y-y1 = m(x - x2)

  3. I know we did, i just want to make sure, thank you