Monday, December 6, 2010


I wanted to write a public and personal note in relation to some of the comments made by students in class over the last few weeks to their classmates:

The Bullying Will Stop.

I eluded last week that this is not a small problem, and it is one with exceptionally wide reaching and permenant consequences.  Just doing a very quick google search yields a distrubing trend, and the names seem to mount over and over.  In Ohio, 4 took their own lives in reaction to bullying at their school.  Victims are boys and girls.  It can involve common classroom put-downs, and it can involve the use of the internet.  I wrote about this earlier this year in reaction to the death of a Rutger's student.

Students who feel that they are the subject of bullying are asked to seek out an administrator, a teacher, their counselor or the school social worker.  I, for my part, will follow our school no-tolerance policy and will be referring students as needed to adminsistration.

We can stop this.  We ~will~ stop this.

As said by Dr. Jared DeFife, at the beginning of his article for Psychology Today:

No high school student should ever be in a coffin instead of in a cap and gown


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