Friday, December 10, 2010

BA Days and Schedules

Here is the upcoming schedule for lessons, tests and quizzes for all classes over the next week.  Students are advised that this is no longer flexible as the Winter Break creates a clear end to lessons.


12/10 Friday:  Finish Piecewise Functions, begin Translations and Rotations.
12/13 Monday:  Continue Translations and Rotations.  Quiz on all of Chapter 5 (includes 5A and 5B)  Students will get review sheet for chapter 5B.
12/14 Tuesday (6th hour) or 12/15 Wednesday (3rd and 5th hours):  Review study guide.
12/16 Thursday:  Chapter 5B Benchmark Test.  Students will also have the opportunity to review their chapter 5A test in the same period.  Students should bring work for a different class, or recreational reading material to occupy themselves after the test. 
12/17 Friday:  TBA


12/10 Friday:  Review chapter 5 material.  (in 4th hour assign Geometry Rocks Project)
12/13 Monday:  Finish review of Chapter 5 Material
12/14 Tuesday:  Chapter 5 BA, Geometry Rocks Projects due
12/15-17:  TBA

When we return from holiday break we will have 2 weeks before finals and all material from before break will be on that test.  Students will be expected to work on an assignment over that 2 week break to ensure that all of this knowledge and skill mastery is not lost.

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