Sunday, December 12, 2010

In case of a Snow Day

If we should have a snowday on Monday 12/13 (which is not impossible given the current state of the roads), the following will apply:

Geometry:  Your BA test will be on the second block day of the week.  That is Wednesday for 4th hour and Thursday for 1st (assuming that the schedule for the week is Blocks A, B, C then SRT).

Algebra:  Your BA will still be on the second block day which will be Thursday.  That means we will have ~ONE~ block day before the test.  Students should do the following:
Check the website for video lessons of Translations and Rotations
Check Skyward for the Study Guide for the second half of the Chapter.


  1. Since we have 1-6 Wed, 1-6 Thurs, and SRT Friday when will our BA be?

  2. Is our BA going to be tomorrow or on Thursday?(For 4th hour)