Friday, October 22, 2010

Student Responsibilities

This is a short update on a few expectations for class:

1) Books are required in class.

This is for a few reasons. One of those is access to the book as a practice bank. Rather than relying on worksheets and handouts I would like to have students use these resources as well.  In addition I would like to start working with classes to make the book a more useful tool and do some reading activities based in that text.  Simply put, many do not know how to read a text book.

For those who ask, I will, next week, have CD's with copies of the book on them electronically if they would like to use those rather than the Holt Website.  Students have also been given a login and password for the Holt Website to access their online book through.

2)  Students are responsible for their own absent work

I post every assignment in Skyward when it is given.  I attach the worksheet to the assignment.  If your student is absent it is their responsibility to get the work they need from the website.  For the cases where internet access is simply not available, I will, of course, make accomondations.  My primary concern here is for students who miss class for a field trip, and then come in the next day with the common question "Did I miss anything?"

With this a few friendly reminders:

A)  There is no pure extra credit, however students can 'earn' breaks with Brownie Points.  These are most easily earned with board work, but also by participating in online discussions, helping organize the hard copies of class notes, and by other activities.

B)  Students should be checking the website every few days for updates on tests, quizzes and other key events.  I will continue to post heads up for announced quizzes and other items here.

C)  Notebooks are not optional.  Students should be painfully aware of this on Monday.  I won't say why, only that we did take a lot of notes on Friday and it would be a shame for a student to not be able to show me their copy of those notes on Monday.  Hint Hint....

D)  Do check the YouTube Channel if you need additional help.  The same problems are there laid out and the lesson can be paused, rewound and reviewed.  In addition I can be easily emailed with something such as "In 3-4 Example 2 I got lost at 3:12.  Can you explain that?"  Then I know to go to the video, and to review what was happening at the 3 minute, 12 second mark.

And as one final reminder I am promised to be here afterschool every Tuesday if a student needs help.  Mr. Cox has gratiously garunteed Thursdays, and we have NHS drop in tutoring on Wed.  I'm of course available at other times, just let me know a day or so ahead.

Oh, and the Algebra BA on chapter 4 is not on Monday.

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