Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Bang Theory: Inductive Vs Deductive Debate

Tonight we finally watched this week's Big Bang Theory (airing on CBS, Thursday at 8:00) and I was amazed at how well a lot of the episode played into what we have been talking about in class.  Because this might not be relevant, I'll put it under a cut.  Click below to read.

First at the beginning of the episode, Sheldon and his Friend Who is a Girl Amy are planning a game where they have to explain some odd fact of an alternate universe.  For example, they ask Leonard the following:  "If the world worshiped a giant beaver, what food would no longer be avilable?"

The correct answer they give is "Cheese Danishes" with the following explanation:

If the world is worshiping a beaver, they will build a lot of dams.  All those dams will flood the lowlands of Denmark.  Grieved by the massive death, the Danes never invent their namesake food, therefore there are no danishes."

In short, a humorous deductive proof that shows that a Beaver Overlord leads to no more Cheese Danishes.

Then later that episode Amy and Sheldon get into an argument about who is better, a research bioneurologist who does direct experiments on the brain, and a theoretical physicist who tries to write a single grand unified theory, fitting with my challenge to students earlier today.

If you can find the episode in re-runs, it's worth the watch.

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