Friday, October 29, 2010

Off Topic: Friday Fun - Halloween Double Episode!!

Micheal Jackson's video for Thriller was ground breaking.  It was the longest music video by far and represented some of the most intense story telling to help sell a song.  I still remember being all of 10 years old and having horrible nightmares at a sleep over where the last thing we did was watch the video on MTV (it used to show music vidoes back then) before turning out the lights.  Two hours later, Mr. Kohler was knocking on my parents' door with me in tow; I needed to sleep in my own bed.

So this week's Friday Fun features this classic creation with a few twists.

Both are under the cut to save on space though so click and see!

First:  Let's take Micheal Jackson and encase him on the armor of the Dark Lord of the Sith:

The second of our two videos requires a bit more explanation. Every other year I attend Dragon Con, an annual convention focusing on "Multi Media". It started off as mostly fantasy and science fiction with some computer gaming, but over the years has evolved more and more main stream fandoms. You will find panel discussions of CSI in one room, next door could be William Shatner signing autographs, and across the hall Charlaine Harris is giving a talk about becoming a break out writer.

Another big part of this convention are the costumes. People create elaborate recreations of movie costumes, dressing up as favorite characters. It's not uncommon to see two Stormtroopers, a Starfleet officer, Superman, and an Alien all talking in the lobby. This video was produced by a friend featuring all of these characters and the epic song: Thriller.

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