Monday, October 25, 2010

Algebra: Live Review Thursday

My car is in the shop which is making it hard for me to schedule tutoring time with students in as much as I'm going to try something different.  It may not work.  It might.

Thursday afternoon I'm going to post the official "Live Review" post.  Students are welcome to post questions in the comments section.  Questions should be specific to our review material, either the study guide, the end of chapter review or an older quiz.  Starting at 7:30pm I will begin answering questions on YouTube and posting them as I answer them.  I will remain doing this until 9:00pm.  If there are no questions posted, though, I may take a few breaks but I will do my best to be available to not only respond, but to explain.

We'll see how this goes and if this is a useful resource or not.

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