Thursday, October 28, 2010

Algebra and Geometry: Live Review

This is the official Post for Tonight's Live Review.

To ask a question, click on "Comment" below and leave your question with your first name and hour.  Please don't post your last name.  Then watch the official YouTube channel for updates.  I'll try to post the links as they come up here as well.

Post #1:  Do we have to graph points that are not in a function?  Short answer:   No.


  1. wiil we need to draw a graph for pais that are not a function? if so then how would we do it.

  2. i was just wondering for the quiz review for geometry, if we are making a poster are we going to have to present it in from of the class?

  3. No presentation. Just a poster I can put up to show off a theorm, postulate or definition.