Wednesday, October 20, 2010

About BA Retakes

A student asked me this:

"If I didn't get it on the BA how am I supposed to do the work to earn a retake?"

It's a fair question and one I want to be sure everyone has an answer to.

In short the whole purpose of the "Evidence of Improvment" is to force students to do work to get better and to get ready for that retake.  Without that, it is very easy for students to show up for a re-take and say that they think they'll do better but have done little to any preparation.  In fact, my experience has been that students are less prepared for a re-take than the original becuase of the time difference between the two assessments.

For this reason I encourage students to take the evidence portion of the preparation seriously.  Do real work to get ready.  Work with a tutor or a friend.  Double, triple check answers.  See me or another teacher for help.  Do what needs to be done to be better prepared.  And if the poor first run at the test was simply a matter of bad luck, then use this as a chance to be sure that you are still ready.

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