Monday, September 13, 2010

What is Homework Graded on?

This is a common question early in the year, especially as I'm working out what kinds of assignments students can handle for their grade level, and knowledge base.

Here is a short list of "Do Not's" to help illustrate the Do's.

  • I do not grade on correct-ness.
  • I do not grade every problem.
  • I do not accept late work (except when there are mitigating circumstances).
  • I do not accept homework without work shown.

What I do do:
  • I review the overall assignment with each student, and ask where we should focus our review.
  • I look for honest effort on every problem of the assignment.  Honest Effort may include sketching the problem, copying the equation and leaving space for work, or making notes of what was confusing.
  • I review as many problems as possible in class with everyone to help people see where their individual mistakse are.
  • I expect students to take ownership of the review process, to check their own work, and to make notes as needed.

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