Friday, September 10, 2010

Quizzes Next Week

As a reminder to all classes:

Monday 9/13:  Geometry Quiz over the Summer Assignment.

Friday 9/17:  Geometry Quiz Sections 1.1 through 1.4

Second Block Day (Wednesday 9/15 or Thursday 9/16):  Algebra Quiz Sections 2.1-2.4

All classes have short assignments this weekend (check Skyward).

Our First BA of the year is week after next.   Geometry's on Block 2 (Wednesday 9/22 or Thursday 9/23) and Algebra's on Friday 9/24.


Upon reflection I'm moving our first Quiz in Algebra to Friday 9/17 for all 3 Algebras.  This is to give us 2 solid block days to review the content in 2.3 and 2.4 to be sure it's all there and all in place.  I'm not interested in rushing this but at the same time our BA on Chapter 2 is still going to be on Friday 9/24.

This has been updated in Skyward

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