Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiz Redo Policy

Quizzes are intended to be both formative (helping students form their understanding) and summative (represent a summary of their knowledge).  To assist in the former, students my "redo" any problems they missed on a given quiz.  This means for each problem they miss on the quiz they need to answer the following on a seperate piece of paper:

a)  What is the corrrect answer?
b)  Why is it the right answer?  Generally this means showing the work required to get that solution, or it means providing a 1-2 sentence explanation.
c)  Why did they get it wrong?  In one or two sentences explain what their misunderstanding was, and how they intend to avoid that mistake in the future.

I consider the last question one of the most important because it forces students to look critically at their work, and how they can improve it over time.  And because we all make silly mistakes from time to time, students may once per redo answer the final question with "I just plain screwed up".  Sometimes it happens and there is no good explanation for why make a given mistake (for some reason Vanilla Ice comes to mind).

These are due to me no later than the chapter Benchmark Assessment for that quiz's chapter.  In other words, the Chapter 1 Quiz redo's are due no later than next Thursday 9/23.

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