Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday and Friday

As I've mentioned I'm going to be out for a professional conference.  I'll be off talking about how Video Gaming provides an insight into how people learn "stuff" and what questions teachers need to ask themselves about how to use this in their own classroom.

For you guys, all assignments are posted in Skyward and are to be completed by Friday at the end of class.  My sub will be picking up all work at the end of each period.  No Exceptions.

Here are the plans that are left for him:

1st Hour: Geometry
This class is taking a BA test. Please pass out the scantron sheets to the appropriate students, then the exam.  There is a set of trig tables for students without graphing calculators and the sin/ cos/ tan of an important angle is written on the board.  This should stay there for the test if they need it.

When they are done with the test, they are to work on the “9-1 9-2 Packet” which will be next to the test.  This is due at the end of class on Friday.

3rd, 5th, 6th: Algebra

Students are to use class time to work on “Riddle Collection 1”.  This will be in a stack on the podium as well, and notable by the first page being “Why Couldn’t the Chicken…”.  This is due at the end of class on Friday but students should note that they will get another packet on Friday.


1st, 4th: Geometry

Students are to finish the 9-1/9-2 packet that they got last class meeting.  4th hour got theirs on Wednesday.  Please collect at the end of the hour.

3rd, 5th, 6th:  Algebra

Students are to finish the Riddle Collection 1 worksheet if it is not done and complete Riddle Collection 2 (one sheet, 2 sided).  This is notable because the first page is titled “Why are babies…”  Both assignments are to be collected at the end of class.  

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