Thursday, March 17, 2011

MACUL Conference day one

Okay kids, here's where I'm going to dump all the interesting links and videos I get to see and find at the MACUL conference.  I do sincerely hope you're being good for the sub and that you're staying on top of the stuff we covered before I left.

All the goodies are under the break:


Oh wow!  Can you guys say class project?  I knew you could.

Check out this catch!

Spoiler... turns out it's a fake.... :(

And talk about school spirit!

And a tear jerker....

One of my breakout sessions was spent checking out various animation tools.  Sadly the presentation was geared more at elementary than HS so I didn't get a ton of good information but I did get this to consider:
Story Telling Alice is a program to script and create 3D animations.  I don't know how I'll use it ~yet~ but I see potential.

I also found this little gem:
Pivot is a fun little program that lets you make stick figures an animate them.  Very very limited but it works for what it does.

Just attended a session on Social Networking and students as well as how teachers can and should social network with each other.  Some good ideas for teachers but not much to share directly to you guys.  However I did get this bit of wisdom:

"Do you have anything on the internet you don't want your mom to read?  Is there anything there that would keep you from running for Governor some day?"

He went on to share that "back in our day" it would take a week to have your life ruined.  Today?  Thanks the speed of the internet you can ruin it in minutes with a nice quick and steady round of forwards.

Currently in a session on iPad and iPod applications and "Learning on the Go."   Here's a list as they come up: (yay for live blogging)  Most of these applications though are for elementary ages

  • Stack the Countries and Stack the States
  • Oregon Trail
  • Discovery Education US Geography
  • Bubble Ball - Made by a 14 year old in his free time.
  • Enigmo - Love it!
  • Frog Dissection
  • Pizza Math - fun for fractions
  • Rocket Math - Build a rocket while doing basic arithmetic problems.
So stoked for tomorrow and my own presentation.

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