Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday's Work

Xander is sick again (yes second time in as many months) and is going back to the doctor tomorrow.  I had hoped he'd kick this on his own but apparently he needs antibiotics.

Bring your books to class.  Check back here later tonight to see the actual assignment in class.

Update:  9:34pm

Geometry:  Continued practice on Sin/ Cos/ Tan.  Tuesday you will get a full answer key, with open review, Q&A etc in preparation for the quiz at the end of the period.

Class assignment:  Pg 538, #21-35, Pg 543, #8-20

Algebra:  Exponents.  On the block day we will review all the answers as well as pass back previous work.

Class assignment:  Pg 464, #18-52

See you all on Tuesday.  (Mrs. Osterman will be staying home with that day if he's not well enough for "School" himself, or he'll be at his Nana's.)

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