Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quizzes: Policies and Practices

When do students know about quizzes?

Generally I announce quizzes a week in advance.  In addition to saying something verbally to my classes students can check for quiz dates in the following places:
  • On this blog I often have posts with the label "Quiz dates".  If you click on the label on the right side of the page you will see all the posts with that label.
  • I post in Skyward the day of the quiz so it appears on a student's calendar view.
  • For BA Exams I also create an event on the Facebook page.
How much is a given quiz worth?

All quizzes are weighted so that they are worth the same ammount.  That is all quizzes are effectively 100 points.  This last quiz in Algebra was 9 items, which was then "Weighted" by a factor 11.11 making it worth 99.99 points. 

Overall quizzes represent 30% of a student's total final grade.

I was absent.  What now?

Students who are absent the day of the quiz can take a Make Up quiz later that week.  This will be a different quiz and often will not have mulitple choice problems, but rather short answers instead.  This is so that I can give the official quiz back without waiting for all students to make up absent work.

Can I retake a Quiz?


Okay.... what can I do?

You can Redo the problems you missed on any quiz.  This means you take the problems you got wrong and rework them on seperate paper.  You must, for each problem you missed:
  • Have the right answer
  • Show the work, or provide explanation as to why that is the right answer
  • Write a sentence to explain why it is the right answer.
Once you have done that, show me the reworked problems during class work time, or after class and you will earn back half the points you missed.

Where can I get the answers to a quiz?

I will be posting the "Answer Key Videos" at the end of the day for any given quiz.  These will be posted on the YouTube Channel (see the links to the right for that), here on the blog, and posted directly as a link on the Facebook page.

In addition I will be posting the actual answer key in the room as well.  Students are responsible to review these resources themselves.

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