Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Geometry: Stagecraft Project

For those that need the extra review/ assignment here is the Stage Modeling project again.

This is due 2/28, the Monday after Holiday Break:

Objective:  Design a stage set that creates the illusion of depth by using three layers of set dressings.  Compute the appropriate sizes of the three pieces to ensure proper scaling.

Product:  A successful project will create a stage set with foreground pieces, background pieces and a back drop.  These will be cut out and positioned on a model stage.  The stage should be roughly the size of a shoe box.  Students will also submit a completed worksheet (attached) and a well organized collection of their work to show the appropriate size of the various pieces.
Process:  Provided is a worksheet to help organize your ratios.  It is not a replacement for accurately completed, shown work.
Students will begin by establishing a scale for the foreground pieces, those that are in the acting space with the actor.  Then using proportions determine how large the flats behind the actors should be, and finally how large the same object on the backdrop will be.
In a forest scene, for example, there will be a tree next to the actor that is “full size”.  Then upstage (towards the back of the stage) there will be a flat of a tree that is scaled down to make it appear far away.  Finally on the back wall of the stage will be a mural featuring another tree even smaller.  All three layers work together to create the illusion of depth.
At each layer students will have one consistent object (table, tree, house, car etc) that will be scaled down as you move from the foreground to the flat to the back drop.  This object must be consistent.
Scaling back:  Depending on how much depth you want to create, you can use a variety of ratios to determine how large the various set pieces should be.  Sample ratios are provided below.  Note that the ratios are based on your foreground:

Student projects will be voted on the day after they are due.  The project with the most votes will receive a $20 iTunes giftcard.

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  1. can you post the other side of the worksheet?