Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So when is this Review Due?

I'm going to be fielding this question a lot over the next few days so let me do my best to address it here.  For both Algebra and Geometry I'm not planning on grading or collecting the reviews.  This is becuase we are, literally, days away from the final exam and we have, a lot of ground to cover and review before that.  I want students to do their best on the review but I do not want to rush them to have it done and not take each item seriously.  Likewise I do not want students to come to class with a blank review and to fill it in as we go; that won't be useful either.

Here are some "Due Dates" to consider for each class as of this posting tonight:

Due on Block 2 (Wed or Thurs):  All Book Review problems (covering chapters 1-5)
Due Tuesday:  Review Packet Problems (passed out on Thursday)

Due on Block 1:  As much of the review packet as you could.
Due on Block 2: All Weighted Average Problems, rest of Review Problems.
Due on Tuesday:  Any Additional Review.

Note:  On the day of the final exam students in Algebra will be taking the Absolute Value/ Weighted Average BA as well as the final exam.  There will be time for both and students may stay after if they need more time.

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