Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's talk about Finals!

Here are some things to think about as final exams begin to creep up on us.

On all of my finals, students are allowed one (1) 3 inch by 5 inch notecard which they can write on both sides of.  Alternatively they can bring any paper that is limited to 30 square inches of space or the equivelant of two sides of a 3x5 card.  Yes, I specify units because I've had students and classmates who have taken advantage of teachers and professors who don't specify.  You only need to have a class mate bring an 8 foot by 11 foot piece of paper to a final exam and say "You said 8 by 11 paper, and this, I assure you is 8 feet by 11 feet" one time and you know never to let that happen in your classroom.

On Monday 11/10 all students will have recived or will recieve a printout of their Benchmark tests to date and what objectives they did not show mastery of.  Students absolutely must review these documents to focus their studying.

For the specific finals:

  • Chapter 2:  Equations
  • Chapter 3:  Inequalities
  • Chapter 4:  Linear Functions
  • Chapter 5:  Graping and More Functions
  • Absolute Values
  • Weighted Averages
  • Chapter 1:  Introduction and Review
  • Chapter 2:  Logic and Reasoning
  • Chapter 3:  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Chapter 4:  Triangle Congruency
  • Chapter 5:  Special Triangles
  • Some of Chapter 6:  Quadrilaterals
So we all know exams start on January 19th:
1/19:  1st Hour Geometry
1/20:  3rd Hour Algebra, 4th Hour Geometry
1/21:  5th Hour Algebra, 6th Hour Geometry

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  1. I thought weighted averages are not included in the final exam!